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Sam Leftow
HHC, 1st BN 15th Arty, Driver
Donut Dolly and Special Services
Camp Pelham and RC#4
1967 - 1968
Thunderbolt Mission Cp Humpreys
Dec 1977, C 1/32 Inf,  Our barracks won 'Best Decorated For Christmas' barracks
This is how they shipped me to Korea. I was in that cast the first 6 weeks I was there
That's me                   Wiggens            Ross         Robinson    Anderson     Erker           Katusa Kim

                    Bainton                  Marron                       Parker             Onefrey  
I was the guy who drove the Donut Dollies all over the place. I also drove for  Ms Hogshead,
Service Club Director RC#4 and also, on occasion,  handed out ping pong balls at RC#4
Donut Dollies Korea
Donut Dollies Korea