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Carl Plummer Photos
    The map references given are shown on the monthly Command Diaries for 1st Engineer
Battalion in the summer of 1953. These diaries are monthly summaries of activities for each
company in the Engineer Battalion. Virtually no  details about personnel per SE but a good broad
stroke summary of projects started or completed for each month. I suspect these documents
were aimed at senior Divisional Officers for sharing progress information on important support
efforts to the various Rifle Regiments who were our customers.
    Small work details of carpenter engineers mingled with rifle units to repair or replace bunkers
and sections of trench line. Mining activities and wire stringing was pretty common work on the
    The engineers brought in the necessary materials and directed the work efforts utilizing other
Marines and Korean laborers when available otherwise did the work themselves. Filling sand
bags was a never ending effort as you can imagine. Road Grader Operators and dozer operators
worked round the clock trying to keep the supply routes open right up to the base of the hills of
the MLR and tank firing slots virtually on the trench line.
Crazy people, all.
For June 1953, "D" Company was in the Indianhead area. Map Ref: CT 364096
(Later Named Camp St Barbara)

For July 1953 we were on the lines to the right MLR area, Map ref: CS 088014
(Later Named Camp Clinch)
Submitted By;
Sgt Carl Plummer
D Co, 1st CBT Eng BN
1st Marine Div
1953 - 1954
Camps St Barbara,
Clinch and Peterson
In August 1953, "D" Co. moved to map Ref: CS 106831
(Later Named Camp Peterson)
to develop a new Company CP and begin work on new defensive positions for the 7th Marine
Regiment. Much of the work was on new tent housing, new roads, water treatment points and
construction of road blocks to the old MLR access routes
    I have been studying a Camp Peterson photo and a map. It indicate a small airfield on
the map (A-112). Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron HMR 161 was several miles down the
road to the right of our camp. That would be to the left in your photograph
    All the clues are shaping up. This is quite facinating to me after all thses years
(Camp Peterson) The camp was built on four levels;
The flat parade deck then up to the troops living quarters
The third level was the CP office tent and Corpsman and staff NCO's quarters
Officers tents were at the highest level and had a panoramic view of the entire compound
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Sgt Carl Plummer
D Company
1st CBT Eng BN
1st Marine Division
1953 - 1954
Camp Indianhead (St Barbara)
Camp Clinch
Camp Peterson
'D' Company, 1st CBT Engineer BN
1st Marine Division
(Camp Peterson) The gate to Dog Co. and you can see a few houses down the hill to the road.
The small stream is just beyond the houses and our water station is about 100 yards to the right
Marine Corps Birthday, 10 Nov
10 Nov, Celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday with a cutting of a cake
Motor Pool
The entire encampment was in a small horseshoe hill side with a very high hill
forming the back of the horseshoe. I lived here until rotation home