"Korean Walking Bushes"
                   Emergency Latrines

             A Donut Dolly Story from F/4/44,38thArty Brigade (1963/1964)
                           as remembered by Lt. Ulas A “Hoot” White

    Capt. F. Niedermeyer (BC) and I (IFC Plt. Ldr.) visited the 121 EVAC Hospital’s “O” Club many
times during our Korean Tour of Duty. Let us not forget that the Donut Dollies also made use of the
Club privileges. We engaged a few round eyed American Dollies in conversation and after a few
“Rusty Nails” they would became very talkative. One Dolly related the following story about one of
her fellow Dollies:

A Dolly based at the ASCOM Center was to travel South with a Korean Driver. Of course, it was
MSR 1. It should be noted that this “Super Highway” had no modern rest areas or facilities.  The
Dolly and her driver departed the ASCOM Center via ¾ ton military power wagon which was rough
riding machine in 1963/64 even on the MSRs. 3 hours into the trip, the dolly had to go!!!   Her driver
refused to stop because there were no facilities and feared for her safety.  A prolonged debate took
place with the dolly begging, pleading and a threatening a wet seat. It had become necessary for a
forced stop!
    The beleaguered dolly was in a great hurry, danced and ran over to the nearest bush in the rice
paddy and bushy terrain! She found the nearest bush and relieved herself of the pent-up misery
with a look of total relief on face. She finished, stood up and started to walk back to the truck. That’s
when the fun started… a ROK Army trooper disguised as the small bush beside her stood up with a
funny look and a smile on his face and raced away along with the remaining bushes! The Dolly and
her driver had stopped and the Dolly had joined a ROK Army unit on camouflaged maneuvers!!!  
She made a day in the field more bare-able!!!

Lt Ulas White
4th BN 44th ADA
38th ADA Brigade
8th Army
1963 - 1964