I used to go see a lot of the bands that appeared at RC1 and RC 4. The one I remember
most was the appearance of James Brown. I got to RC1 early and got a good seat, they had
a rope about 10-15 feet away from the stage, and you were supposed to sit behind the rope.
But when the black soldiers showed up, most of them grabbed chairs and sat right next to
the stage. Before James Brown came on stage, they forced all of guys back behind the
rope, and it was a mess getting things straightened out. It was a great show. Shame I don't
have any photos from that show.

 I don't really remember too many of the bands I saw, but I know one of them was fairly
young, and they did some great soul songs, in particular, "Sitting' on the Dock of the Bay".

 I used to catch the 2nd Infantry Division band, the Kimchi Machine, a alot. They were really
good and had a white, blond-haired guy who could sing the heck out of soul songs. I saw
them not only at the RCs, but also some of the other compounds' NCO Clubs. We seldom
had bands at our club, and they were always Korean bands that weren't really that great.

 I also once drove our S3 Sergeant Major Edwards to a Sgt Majors dinner, where they a
overweight and terrible stripper (Edwards was in charge of S3 for the later part of my tour,
he actually replaced me, I was a Sp4, but for a long time I ran the department... of course
we only had 2-3 enlisted men in the department at any time, and we had no EMs), I was a
draftee, other than me I didn't have anyone above my paygrade for quite a while, because
we didn't have a department head due to the Vietnam War.

Terry Turner
1967 - 1968
                        And The Sign Said;
                                                                                  A Memory By Morris Goff    

   "When I left Camp McNair to come home, my last stop was at 2nd Inf Div HQ's. On my
way out, the Korean workers were painting a new sign for the commandant Gen. L. G.
Cagwin, I think. The Korean workers didn't understand the lettering so I reprinted the paper
to say Commanding Officer Lt. General Morris Goff. They repainted the sign to say just
that. I held my breath, hoping I'd get out the country before they figured out who I was.
   I made it..." And later I received a letter from a friend at Camp McNail saying they
eventually came looking for me at 2nd DIVARTY, but of course, by then I was long gone.

Submitted By;
Sp4 Terry Turner
S3 Clerk
1967 - 1968
Camp McNair

Morris Goff
Mail Clerk
1967 - 1968
Camp McNair