"Too Much Ammo"
    We were going to have a big inspection, and it was determined that we had too much M14 rifle
ammo.  I was given a jeep and a couple of men to take that ammo down to the beach to shoot it up
into the Yellow Sea.  I think there were three of us.  We shot all day, and even let some Korean
villagers shoot some.  We couldn't shoot it all up!  We went back to the battery, and the CO had a
sergeant take a crew out and bury it.  To my knowledge, it was never dug up (by the army), but I bet
it was dug up by the Koreans.  They knew everything.  They used to wake us up at night and tell us
were going to have an alert in a few minutes.  They were always right !!!

Pfc Phil Johnson
D Btry 6th BN 44th ADA
May 1964 - June 1965