BLOW THE BRIDGE
 Being stationed at Hq Co 1st Battle Group, we had all the drivers for the officers in our hooch.
During one George alert the Battle Group Col (Kelly B. Lemon) set his driver out to Libby Bridge
with orders to tell the bridge guards to blow the bridge with a smoke grenade. He did, they did.
 About that time the Colonel arrived on site. He chewed the bridge guard out for letting a PFC give
the order that blew the bridge. They should have known, at least an officer, would give that order.
 We had always heard that the bridge was packed with explosives so that it would not fall into the
hands of the Chinese to use to cross the river. Of course, that would trap us against the river to be
slaughtered. So the call was at every George alert, to grab your air mattress along with your rifle as
the alert could have always been real.

Submitted By;
Joe Lanman
HQ Co, 1st BG 8th Cav
1st Cav Div, 1957 - 1959