Dealing With Slicky Boys
 I was stationed at Camp Richmond Korea which was at the end of the runway of Kimpo Air Base
(K-14). I went over to Kimpo and watched the Turkish Brigade load up on planes and leave Korea in
 We had several fences with concertina wire in between each fence that surrounded our little camp
and all the time had problems with slicky boys breaking in and stealing stuff.
 The Turks at their compound only had a single strand of barbed wire surrounding their compound
and didn't have any problems with thievery. That was after some thieves were caught and hung by
their toes from the Turks front gate with ears missing.
 Our problems with thieves slacked up some after one of our KATUSA soldiers walking the
perimeter fence on guard duty pumped several rounds of buckshot into a couple that made it inside
our fence line. They gave that KATUSA a couple of cartoons of cigarettes and promoted him from
Corporal to Sergeant.

Submitted By;
James Roberts
HHC, 2nd Engineer GP
8th Army, 1960 - 1961