Drums Of Fuel
    As you can see in the picture of the two canvas Jamesway buildings on the ledge it tapered off
about fifty feet past the right hand Jamesway.  The ledge had been buldozed sloping up from the
main gate onto the flats where they had build the BOQ and the OOM.  They did not want us to traffic
through their area.  

    Since we were considerably higher than the floor of the bowl where the balance of the company
was located, we had to roll the drums of fuel along until we got to the steps and sloping trail up to
our section.  We did not have a houseboy or Katusa and were not entitled to KSC help.  
    Bill Strouse and I, being the two junior members at the time had to bring up the fuel.  It was a
hard task made even more difficult with the snow and ice.  We had struggled hard for the last hour
rolling the barrel up to the slope, standing it on end and then walking it back and forth up the
sloping trail and then walking it up step by step to the top.  There was just barely enough room to
move it past the front building to reach the back building where we slept.  The switchboard and
radio room were in the front building along with cots for two people.  
    We had just gotten it spotted on the frame that it sat on and were taking the bung out.  As I
remember, the bung was very tight and I still don't remember which one of us done it but one of us
held the bung wrench and the other picked up one of the weights to the weight set an slammed
down on the end of the bung wrench.  
    The force knocked the barrel down, spun it around and it rolled down the hill before we could
stop it right through the Katusa and KSC mess, scaring the crap out of the cooks and tearing down
half the tent  Only feelings were hurt but they complained about it and our CO who was an Infantry
Captain battlefield commissioned type who was potted about half the time decreed we would get
not more fuel until the following month since we could not hang onto it.  
    Really got cold in that shack and we slept in sleeping bags under our blankets.  Water froze so
we had to keep it in the front shack.  Shortly after this incident, they let us bring the 3/4 section
truck back and forth and we could bring the fuel up with it.   
    That is as near as I can remember and it only jogged my memory when Bill posted the second
picture and mentioned the Katusa mess hall.  I am 72 and that occurred when i was 18 so it was a
long time ago.

Submitted By;
Harold Dean
24th QM Co, 24th Div
15th QM Co, 1st Cav Div
Camp Jessup, 1957 - 1958
Mess Tents