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A short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment
So, what little moment in Korea do you remember that you'd like to share?
Submitted By;
Joe Lanman
HQ Co, 1st BG 8th Cav
1st Cav Div, 1957 - 1959
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- Dealing With Slicky Boys
Submitted By;
James Roberts
HHC, 2nd Engineer GP
8th Army, 1960 - 1961
- Christmas Eve 1955 in Korea
Submitted By;
James A. George
AFKN, Radio Mercury
Kunsan AB, 1955 - 1956
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- Mess In The Motor Pool
- Thank God
Submitted By;
Sp4 Aaron Poscovsky
B Btry, 1st BN 12th Arty (HJ)
2nd Inf Div, 1968 - 1969
- Thanksgiving at Freedom Bridge
Submitted By;
Bill Greenhut
B Co. 2/23 Inf
2nd Infantry Division
- The .45
- The General
- Keep It A Secret
- Make It Safe
- Mapping It Out
Submitted By;
Kameron Ince
4th Turkish Brigade
25th Infantry Division
1953 - 1954
- "Catching Bob Hope"
Submitted By;
Michael Witmer
1st BN 15th Arty
Second Infantry Division
1972 - 1973
- Drums Of Fuel
Submitted By;
Harold Dean
24th QM Co, 24th Div
15th QM Co, 1st Cav Div
Camp Jessup, 1957 - 1958
- Friendly Fire
- The Worst Detail
- Walking In Mine Field
- Firefight At GP Gladys
Submitted By;
Sgt Mario Pacella
Co A 2/23rd Infantry
March 68,-June 69
- And The Sign Said
- Entertainment
Submitted By;
Terry Turner
1967 - 1968
- S. Korean Tunnel Dig
Submitted By;
Lt Frank Bush
HHC, Scout Plt, 1/9th Inf
2nd Inf Div
1978 - 1979
- Drink My Coffee Black
- Close Encounter
Submitted By;
SP4 Clell Villella
Co’s A & C 304th Sig. Bn.
- Songs We Sang
- Safe Piece Of Ground
Submitted By;
SP4 Frankie Blea
C Btry 1/2 ADA
38th Arty Brigade
8th Army
1979 - 1980
- The POW Story
Submitted By;
Pfc Dick Huber
1st BN 12th Arty
2nd Inf Div        
1965 - 1966
- Korea - A First Impression
Submitted By;
Sgt Albert Ciampi
D Co 702nd Maint BN
2nd Inf Div        
1975 - 1976
- Too Much Ammo
Submitted By;
Pfc Phil Johnson
D Btry 6th BN 44th ADA
38th ADA Brigade
8th Army
May 1964 - June 1965
- Walking Korean Bushes
Submitted By;
Lt Ulas White
4th BN 44th ADA
38th ADA Brigade
8th Army
1963 - 1964