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4th Missile Command
SP5 G Montero
S2 Intel Analyst
1967 - 1968
Camp Page
226th Signal Company
Subordinate Units
30 January 1958, the 100th Field Artillery Rocket Battalion arrives from Japan
taking up headquarters at what was known as Camp Page
27 April 1958, the Battalion is joined by Infantry, Engineer, Signal and Supply units
Redesigned the 4th Missile Command, a major subordinate command of the US 8th Army
1958 - 1967/68; the 4th MSL CMD is in support of and attached to the 1st ROK Army
1967 - 1968;
Sometime during this period operational control passes from 8th Army to I Corps
19th Infantry
Task Force Alpha
1st BN 42nd Arty
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A Company

2nd BN 72nd Armor

2nd Inf Div

1Lt Ken Leighty

Platoon Ldr, Maint Officer


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SP4 Mike Hughes
Company clerk
Oct 1972 - Nov 1973
Camp Jackson
I Corps
Detachment 1
SP5 Ross Hamilton
Pay Disbursing Specialist
1967 - 1968
Camp Page
8th Army then I Corps
3rd BN 81st Arty
Sp4 Robin Robbins
Nuclear Support Team 6
1976 - 1977
Camp Page
Weapons Support Detachment/Korea
Pfc Marty Roberts
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
1976 - 77
Camp Page
SP5 Bill Sullivan
S3 Clerk
Nov 1967 - Jan 1969
Camp Page
Pfc Terry Clark
Btry Clerk, Mail Clerk, Armorer
1958 - 1959
Camp Page