Special Services
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1921 Army Library Service established under the Adjutant General
1923 Hostess Houses (service clubs) authorized by Congress
1942 Morale Division re-named Special Services
1950 Headquarters DA reorganizes, places functions of Special
Services under The Adjutant General
1974 Special Services redesignated "Recreation Services"
1979 Recreation Services redesignated "Morale Support
1986 Morale Support Activities redesignated "Community
Recreation"; clubs, bowling, golf, other "businesses"
become "Community Operations."
Marsha Hymes
Asst Service Club Director
Chogie Inn Service Club
Recreation Center #4
2nd Infantry Division
Cree Windus
Recreation Center #4
2nd Infantry Division
Marsha Hymes/Set
RC#4 Library/Set
Mary Chelton
Recreation Center #3
2nd Infantry Division
Spoonbill Area
Mary Chelton/Set
Cree Windus/Set
Thanksgiving Dinner
Camp Sill, 1966
Camp Pelham, 1966
At Camp Sill, 1966
Camp Sill, 1966
Diane Drosnes, 1966
Chogie Inn Service Club
Nancy Carter, 1966
RC#1 Sign
Snowy Day
Nancy Carter, 1966
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Indianhead 500
See news article below photo
Submitted by
Cree Windus
Special Services Librarian
RC4 1965/69
Webmaster Note;
This photo can be dated in the time frame of
the 2nd Inf Div CG, MG Frank C. Izenour,
May 1967 - June 1968.
And since it says Aug 20th, it can now be
dated Aug 1967.
2-20 Service Club
Camp Ross
2nd Infantry Division