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5th USAF
20th Weather SQDN - Det 10, A2c Bill Stillman

24th Inf Div
2nd BN 21st Inf - HQ Co, PSG Hershel Dick

1st Cav Div
3rd BN 40th Armor - HHC, Sp4 Olie Clary

 1st BN 7th Cav - HHC, Sgt Peter Brusyo

7th Inf Div
2nd BN 32nd Inf - HHC, Sp4 Ken Beers

 707th Maint BN - D Co, Pv3 George Frost

 127th Sig BN - HHD, Sp4 Wayne Mildren

 2nd BN 8th Arty - HSB, Sp4 Dan Highland

2nd Inf Div
2nd BN 23rd Inf - A Co, Sp4 William Regal

 1st BN 72nd Armor - C Co, Sgt Roy Tilton

 Headquarters - Sp4 Pete Pittman

 122nd Sig BN - C Co, Sgt Steven Vaughn

 2nd Admin Co - Finance, Spc Ken Hardy

 1st BN 38th Inf - A Co,  Sgt Mike Reisdorph
                                     , Sgt Carmelo Rodriguez

  2nd BN 72nd Armor -  A & B Co, SSG Roy Tilton

 DISCOM - HHC/MMC, Cpl Jim Nixon

 1st BN 31st Inf - B Co, Pvt Carmelo Rodriguez

 2nd Aviation BN - B Co, Sp5 Jeff Gage

 1st BN 9th Inf - A Co, Sp4 Ken Beers

 1st BN 506th Inf - C Co, Pfc Matthew Shorthouse

 1st BN 12th Arty - HHC, Sp4 Charles Walter

8th Army
2nd BN 71st ADA  -  B Btry, 2Lt Gregory DeBlois

 4th BN 44th ADA - HHB, Sp5 Hugh (Tom) Ellison

 7th BN 2nd ADA   - C Btry, Sp5 Jim Tingley

 1st BN 2nd ADA  - HHB, 1Lt T.F. Lambert
AFKN - Radio Mercury, A2c Bill Stillman

 19th Support CMD - HHC/MSC, SSG Walter Dobarzynski

 728th MP BN - 249th MP Det, Sp5 Bruce Haynes

 4th Missile CMD - HHC, Sp5 Bill Sullivan
                             - 226th Signal Co, Sgt Charles Stanley

Mystery Photos
Unk Missile Site - 2 replies

 Unk Armor Camp - 2 replies and positive ID

Mixed Photos
RC#3 Article - Miss Santa

My Question Is
DMZ Christmas Tree - 3 replies, Answered

 #1 Lt Olsen - NEW

Info Needed
Death at E Btry, 4th BN 44th ADA

Authors And Artists
Bob Furrer, The Golden Mountain Goats, 2nd Radio Relay SQDN - NEW

Lots More Being Worked On

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