When you're looking at a photo and you're trying to figure out
'where the heck is this?'  It always helps to have a map to look at.
I knew this was a Division orientation tour given to newly arriving officers
and was taken on top of Charlie Block. But it wasn't until I rescanned it
larger and compared to a map that I realized what I was looking at.
I was looking at the road into Munsan as you traveled north. But what else was there to
see. Again, I made a larger scan to get an even better look at the background objects.
Yes, it was Munsan. And I could see the road leading up to the bridge. Following the road from left to right I now saw an airstrip.
That was A-119. Next a crossroad and a compound. The Post Engineers compound! (later named Camp Giant)  Now, if you turned
right you went to Paja-ri. And if you continued straight you'd pass ........ RC#4!! Yes, right there at the edge of the photo you can
see the ballfield.  It is also interesting to note that you can now clearly read Major Barretts name
Post Engineer Compound
RC#4 ballfield ... V
< ... Gymnasium