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 I'm not going to tell you what to do with your photos, but rather, what to look for in your
pictures. That image you see may be exactly what you wanted to capture. But you may
have captured something you didn't see. Something that lies there, in the background,
waiting to be discovered.
 The examples you are about to see will illustrate the kind of things I'm talking about. And
the kind of things you should look for.
My original scan of a photo from Harry Chambers titled "Blue Lancer Valley From Easy Queen" was done at
770x466 pixels. While he managed to capture BLV, it was what was in the middle that interested me.
Wanting to get a little better look, I rescanned the photo at 1604x972 pixels. Now I was sure of what I thought I had
seen. The Imjin River, Libby Bridge and two camps whos location I had been unsure of. Camps Clinch and Wally.

There was something else I noticed. An area we tankers knew as the tank driving range. This is where we
bivouacked whenever our company stayed on the north side of the Imjin. Aside from mine sweeping the roads with
our tanks in the early mornings dim light (a practice I was glad to see stop shortly after I arrived) we actually did a
lot of driver training while there.
Camp Clinch
Camp Wally
Libby Bridge
    Tank Driving Range
V                     V                     V
At this popint I had what I wanted out of the photo and
cropped these two images out of the  larger one.
Had I only been thinking of the subject of the photo, I
may have never seen what else was actually captured