Mystery Photos
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Can anybody tell me what village this is?
I know I have seen another photo with these Arirang shops in it. 24th or 1st Cav time period
It is possibly located in the central area of the western corridor.
Although, oddly, the one sign does say 'Second To None'
Unknown Village
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 This is the on limits store at Micky Mouse Corners
Robert G. Shipley
F Company 21st Inf Regt
24th Inf Div
1956 - 1957
 In 1957-59 I remember an on limits store along the MSR that catered to GI
trade someplace between Munsan and Libby bridge. At that time, except for
the MSR, everything was off limits. Villages and countryside was subject to
MP raids  and Article 15 charges. Even Seoul was off limits except for main
streets and the train station, USO, etc. Don't know if this is one of those
shops or not, but the duce and a half looks right for that time frame.
Sp4 Joe Lanman
HHC, 1st BG 8th Cav
1st Cav Div
1957 - 1959
Webmasters Note;
I have located 2 photos, 1 from Pobwon-ni of the Arirang
stores and 1 from the Munsan area of the On Limits Store
Both can be seen in Mixed Photos