Mystery Photos
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  I found this photo in my collection and right off the top can not remember where I took it, definitely
is not 15th QM, may be 24/13 Signal Co, but does not really look like it ...... picture was taken in late
1957 or early 1958, pretty sure I took this in 1957 before we became the 1st Cav
Unknown Unit and Location
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Bill Strouse
24th QM Company, 24th Div
15th QM Company, 1st Cav Div
   That photo is the 24Th Div Sig Co. Building in fore ground is Mess Hall and Motor Pool is in the
background. EM Mess is on the left of the building and officers mess on the right. I took this in 1956.
As you can see, background is same as in Bill's picture. Can't remember soldier's name.

Submitted By;
Stanley Williams
April 1955 - July 1956
Vicinity Camp Howze