Mystery Photos
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 I was stationed at Camp Red Cloud - Uijongbu, Korea and assigned to HHC 21st
Direct Support Group, 8th Army, and while serving I had this picture taken.  If
there is any way to help me connect with any of the other GI's in the photograph
or simply know who they are, as I don't remember, that would be wonderful.

The picture was taken at some time during the Winter/Early Spring, late 1968 to
early 1969 as my PCS date was in May 1969; maybe April.  I am in the middle with
the fur collar and mustache.
Unknown Soldiers
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Submitted By;
SP4 Norman Bernstein
HHC 21st Direct Support Group
8th Army, 68/69
A much larger image can be seen at the very bottom
which brings a few letters out better - Webmaster
-------GEAN ?
------------- GUSON ?
----------- NGUSON ?
--------- ROS  ?
------- DROS ?
Norman Erik Bernstein
Norman Erik Bernstein
1)  I believe the guy to the far right of the picture is Rex Henshaw from Mississippi.
Rex, and I went in the army together, and both went to Korea. Rex went to Camp Red
Cloud, and I went to Camp Young. I feel for sure that this is Rex Henshaw. I haven't
seen him since we were in Korea. I visited him at Camp Red Clloud, and that was the
last time I saw him. I would love to know for sure if this is Rex, Although I do feel for
sure it is.
Boyce Morris
1st BN 23rd Inf
1967 - 1968

2)  Looks like the one guy with dark glasses on, the name looks like it’s  FURGUSON
Rex Henshaw ?
Rex Henshaw ?
Ferguson ?