Mystery Photos
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    These pictures were taken in 1970 - 71 at an unknown range during a Combat
Preparedness Course.  Air Force Security Policemen were required to travel to the DMZ and
were quartered at  Army Camps (Camp Casey was one of them).  We then went to the
Range to qualify on heavy weapons and do some night maneuvers.

Question:  Does anyone (Army or AF) remember us or recognize the Range in the pictures?
Unknown Range Location
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The best clue to what range this may be can be seen in the last photo
There is a sign reading "Firing Line  Ground Mounted"
Dan Reagan
6175th SPS
Kunsan AFB
Steven Kirby
6175th SPS
Kunsan AFB
    I have some information that u might need at the dmz air force security live fire training in
1970-71 in the second photo down and the the 3rd gi over is Dan Reagan 6175th SPS Kunsan AFB
and the Gi that was eating out of the ration container I have the name Steven Kirby from
Coleetka Okla also of the 6175th SPS

    The location I can't really give a direct answer as to where but I remember that there was an
81mm shooting at a tank across the valley and also we had a shoulder fire law weapon

    I was station in Korea during the time period you have question concerning and I do
rememvber going to the Z
Dan Reagan