Mystery Photos
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  These 2 photos were taken in 1967 - 1968. I think they may be near or at Camp Casey
Does anybody know what they are and where they were located?
Submitted by;
Raymond A Dupuis
127th Signal
'66 - '68
Unknown Mountain Steps
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 Ingman Record Range; Those steps lead to firing points #6, #7 and #8 at the qualification
range behind Camp Casey I attended training fire there in Nov '67. Toughest range in the Army.
Submitted by;
Dan Highland
2nd/8th Arty
7th Inf Div
Camp Parris
1967 - 1968
 I have a video that LTC Schleusing, (BN CO 1st BN 79th Arty), sent me and I think those
steps are part of the range at Camp Casey.
I have posted the entire video on youtube and you can check it out at about the 9:35 mark.
You can see both the steps and the rock wall.

Video Here

Submitted by;
Mark Johnson
HHB, 1st BN 79th Arty
7th Inf Div
Camp Hartell
1967 - 1968
   When I viewed the Video, I found the steps at around the 9:00 mark. So it's between
the two, depending on your connection and whatever else may effect the timing of them.