Mystery Photos
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A picture of a missile site I took a photo of, but know nothing about
Can somebody tell me where this is or what unit might have been there?
Unk Missile Site
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Submitted By;
Sp4 Rafael Gelpi-Perez
HHC 2nd BN 23rd Inf
2nd Inf Div 1968 - 1969
 Considering the unit of the photographer, it is probably C Btry 2/71 ADA, Those are HAWk Missiles
on the launcher. I have been on that site, located east of Pobwon-ni but it was a long time ago to be
positive. The other battery's in the battalion that this guy might have run into were on steeper
hillsides and A Btry was near Kimpo
SSG David Nutter
A Btry 2nd BN 71st ADA
1981 - 1982
 It does look like the Hawk Missile site that I served on in 1966-1967. Our site was south of Seoul
about 6 miles on a mountain top. We could see Seoul and the Imjin river bridge from our site. I am not
sure if this is the correct site.  My unit was Battery D, 7th Battalion, 2nd Artillery, 38th Brigade.
Senator George Nodland
ND, District 36
See Below
  It may be Bravo Battery 2/71 ADA, it is either that or Charley Battery.

Dave Allison
Bravo Battery 2/71
  The picture looks a lot like the unit I served with C 2/71 ADA tac site.  Looks like it was taken at the y
in the road just down from the gate .
Pvt2 Leslie Richter
1978 - 1979
Camp Irwin
  I think I can agree with SSG Nutter...I was also at C Btry, and that looks somewhat like what I
remember from the road; it has been a long, long time, though.  B Btry was on a lower hill, D Btry had
a steep concrete slab at about the point up the road shown in the picture, and A Btry's site was up the
hill right behind the admin area; I walked it on occasion, and you're always looking at the front (north)
side of the site on the way up.  If this is, in fact, 2/71, I'd say it has to be C Btry.
SP4 Dave Spencer
CW radar maint
C Btry, 2/71 ADA
  I was in C Btry 2/71st from 68-69.  It looks an awful lot like our site TAC 36 which was a few clicks
east of Pobwon-ni.  If so, the picture is a little deceiving in that it was taken near the top of the road
leading up and nowhere near the valley floor.  Keep in mind my recollection is 43 years old.
Sp4 Don Sewell
Commo Radio Operator
1968 - 1969
Camp Warner
  With so many replies pointing to the same TAC Site,
We can now identify it as having been taken at the TAC Site 36, east of Pobwon-ni.

TAC 2, Site 36  C-2/71, B-2/71 Arty (Hawk), 38th ADA Bde
   This is Tac site 32 b Btry 2-71 ADA. I was there 1980-1981

Gregory F. DeBlois