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I cannot remember where I took this picture. Does anybody
recognise the club or the compound in the background?
Unknown EM Club
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Submitted By;
Sp4 Joseph Bosko
7th Inf Div, 63/64
Submitted By;
Sp4 Joseph Bosko
7th Inf Div, 63/64
1) I am sure it is the one on C Btry compound 4/76 FA  7th Inf Div
                                                                                                                                       Sp4 Paul Miller
                                                                                                                                       C BTRY  4/76th FA
                                                                                                                                       7th Inf Div
Webmasters Note;
C Btry 4/76th FA was stationed at Camp Ethan
Allen which was located in Artillery Valley, 2nd
Inf Div area of operations
2)    Ron Dennis and I don’t feel the picture is that of Charlie Battery, Camp Ethan Allen. The billets
at Ethan Allen were in rows and tiers. If you look to the upper left in the picture you will see billets
staggered. There is also a sign above them that was not at Charlie Battery in 1967, that we can
If the picture is of a 7th Division Artillery camp my bet would be McDonald Barracks, 7th Divarty
HQs. There were a lot of officer's there and they would have had their own club. That might be
why the photo was not remembered by the photographer. There was only one club at Ethan Allen
and it was used by everyone. The buildings at McDonald were scattered on the hill side. The 6/80,
2/8,  1/79 and 4/76 were on more level ground.                                
 SP/5 Harry M. Chambers
                                                                                                                                                                                 HQ & SVC Battery 4/76th Arty
                                                                                                                                                                                Camp Sill - 1965/67
Webmasters Note;
I would have to agree that this particular club, with it's outdoor tables and stone fireplace, is a little
more extravagant than what you might find being used by EM's and NCO's. And also by it's
location, clearly on an elevated level. Again, common with Officers Clubs.
That being the case, maybe we are looking for an Officers Club. Most likely on a 7th Division
compound, possibly artillery, but not necessarily. So how about it all you 7th Division guys.
Anybody recognize the club or compound.
3)      That is definitely NOT Camp Ethan Allen!
I was CO, Echo Co., 2nd Engineer BN from April to December 1969.   Echo Co. moved to Ethan
Allen in Feb 1969.  
The Red on the hill looks a lot like the two water storage tanks at Camp Peterson - HQ & HC 2nd
Engineer BN.  Our water tanks were red and had a panel between them to make them look like a
Castle.  Bad angle to tell for sure but looks right.  
 The club building was not at Ethan Allen.                      
 Phil Steward
                                                                                                           2nd Engineer BN - 1968-69
Webmasters Note;
WOW! Now that's a positive 'NO' for it being Camp Ethan Allen. So now we turn our attention to
Camp Peterson, due south out of Yongjugol.
If you crossed the Yongjugol bridge and headed south over the mountain you'd pass Camp
Stanton and A-112 (Airstrip). A little further down the road you'd turn right and Peterson would be
on your left. And just past Peterson was Camp Rodstrom, home of the 44th Surgical Hospital.   
Continuing along this road brought you to MSR 1 between Camps Howze and Ross. So thats the
general location of Camp Peterson.
Now we need anybody who was there or visited to search your memory and look at your photos
of the camp. Check the background of everything you snapped a picture of and see what might be
hiding there.
4)      The only place I knew that had hills like that was Camp Howze, south of Camp Edwards,  
which was south of Munsan.                               
 Sidney Pope
5)      Here is what I think might be the answer to the Unknown EM Club question..................
This Club looks to me like the old Club at the 24th Replacement Co (24th ID) or after the 24th ID
changed to the 1st Cav Div in Oct of 1957, it became (can not remember what the Cav Repo Co was
I came thru here in Sept 57 when it was under the 24th Div and came back thru in Nov 1958 when I
was clearing the Cav on the way to Ascom City and then Inchon........
It was on a Hill like this overlooking the Company, I can remember drinking quite a few San
Miguels at this place..........
It was South of Munsan and if I remember right, the Seoul/Munsan RR ran in front of the Company
next to the Road......
Not 100 percent sure about this but sure does look like it..............         
Sp4 Bill Strouse
                                                                                                                                                  24th QM CO, 24th Inf Div
                                                                                                                                                  15th QM CO, 1st Cav Div
                                                                                                                                                     Sept 1957 – Nov 1958
6)      Looks like the NCO Club at Camp Saint Barbara which was just north of a town known as
Peggey Lee                          
                                                                                                                              Tom Bags
7)      I'm guessing like most everyone, it looks like the EM club at South Camp Custer, 1st Bn 9th
Inf, 2nd Inf Div. Our EM club was on the highest point of the compound. It had a steep stairway
leading up to the front area.
     I remember a fight that broke out and spilled out onto the front patio area. Guys were knocked
down the hill and after climbing up one was hit in the face with a full can of beer. The Sergeant on
duty fired his 45 to stop the fight.
     The next day there was a BN muster to award the Soldier of the month and it turned out to be
the guy that was hit in the face with the full beer can. He had a huge black eye and cuts, the
Battilion Commander did a double take. It was a funny moment.         
Robert Rodriguez
                                                                                                                                                C Co, 1st Bn 9th Inf
                                                                                                                                                  2nd Inf Div, 66-67
8)      This is definitely NOT Camp St Barbara during the time the photos were taken. There were
no concrete block barracks on any of the hillsides surrounding the Camp.          
Dennis Hauze
                                                                                                                                                                      1st TAB 25th Arty
                                                                                                                                                                       Bal. Met. Section
We Have Positive ID On This Club
9)      This is/was the officers club at Camp McDonald.  I know because I was there in 1964-65. Just
before their Halloween party in '64 I painted Halloween characters on the mens and womens
toilets for them. I got free drinks for my efforts. I was stationed a few miles south of there at Camp
Peterson, just outside Tongo-Ri. I was in the 7th Divarty Meteorological section, headquartered
out of McDonald. We only went there for our mail, haircuts and occasional Motor Pool needs. Our
CO was WO Unger.

       The patio was on the back side of the club. The parking lot and driveway were on the other
side.  The wall in the picture with the stove pipe sticking out of it is the rear wall of the kitchen. In
front of the kitchen was the bar and then came the lounge area.
    It was 46 years ago but I remember it all as if it were yesterday. The beauty, the ugliness.  The
sights, sounds and smells. The heat, the cold.  I can't begin to imagine the hell that our soldiers
went through during the Korean "conflict".

Lee Wells
Meteorological Section
1964 - 1965
Camp Peterson
10)      The EM Club was above the motor pool fuel storage area, at the other end of the compound,
where the fuel was stored in 55 gal drums.  The officers Club, shown above, was behind and to the
right rear of the Chapel.

Sgt Don Heimbecker
1968 - 1969
McDonald Barricks
Additional photos belonging to Joe Bosko
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The shot of the hill with the road going up it went
to the ammo storage bunker and was used as a
bob sled run in the winter using air mattress.
Don Heimbecker
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