Mystery Photos
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The sender states; "We didn't have a camp name. We were situated near Libby Bridge, off the
Imjin. Our nearest named village was Pajo-ri. I shared my time there between Hq 13th and Hq
24th Divarty as a driver for an air control team. Pictures from 1955-56"
That would possibly be the 13th Artillery BN, location unknown! An you must also consider that
Changpa-ri did not exist at that time, making Paju-ri the nearest village. But if time was shared
with HQ 24th DIVARTY as a driver, then both compounds must have been close to each other.
24th DIVARTY ended up at Camp McNair, near Pobwon-ni, but was that always its home base?

So we need to know a number of things;
1) Where was 24th DIVARTY in 55/56
2) Where was the 13th Arty BN located?
3) And what compound was these photos taken on?
This shows Quonset Huts built where the above tents were in August
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Elsewhere within the compound