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Possibly an Armor or Cav unit compound, but I'm not sure
Can anybody tell me what camp this is and what unit was there?
Unk Armor Camp
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Submitted By;
Sp4 Rafael Gelpi-Perez
HHC 2nd BN 23rd Inf
2nd Inf Div 1968 - 1969
 This photo matches Camp Rose.  Buildings in front of the old tank would be 702nd
Maintenance, battalion Hq would be just to the left of the jeep.  Armor companies
would be off to the right, main gate down in front of the tank about 500 yards.

1st Cav was there until about 1965, then the battalion was redesignated 1st Bn 72nd
Armor. I got there in July 1970.

Thanks for all your work on this site, I've followed it for many years.  One doesn't forget
the Land of the Morning Calm.

Walter Olin, SSG
A Co 1st BN 72nd Armor
Camp Rose
   Looks like the tank just outside of the Bn HQ of 1/73rd Armor located at Camp Beavers
(Korean Villages of Tae Jon Ni and Yo Mul Ko) 7th Infantry Division.

Terry Valentine
A Co 1st BN 73rd Armor
1967 - 1968
 Following Walters lead, I looked for and found a picture that matches his discription

Larry Harris
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