Mystery Photos
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Thought to have been taken in the 1st Cav area of operations, this unknown
compound needs identified.
Things to note;
The excellent stone work in the 2 walls that can be seen
2) Huts outside the fence indicating an area south of the Imjin
3) Baseball/softball diamond and foul poles
4) Field is also lined for football or soccer
5) It appears there are two roads that will intersect just off the right side
6) A gate, dead center of the photo, leading into a parking(?) area
Unknown 1st Cav Area
ID Points Numbered In Black, 1 - 5
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Compound Identified!
    That photo was taken at North Camp Custer.  The vehicle was leaving the motor
pool and by going to his left he was headed for the front gate.
(#3)  If he had gone
straight ahead,
(#4) he would have gone up a hill to where the NCO club was located.  
Further on he would have come to the EM club and then the dispensary.  If the driver
had taken a right turn coming out of th motor pool he would have seen a sign
welcoming him to Pleasant Valley, scenic route to the 545th MP. Co.   Going out the
gate he would have found himself in Paju-ri
  The gate in the middle did not exist when I was there.  That deuce and a half looked
out of place because it looks like a POL tanker and our POL was delivered by Han-jin
trucks with Korean drivers.  We always had to make a check with litmus strips to be
sure we didn'get water in our Mogas.  That stone wall
(#2) extended to the front gate
which was at least 100yrds from where that photo was taken.
#1 - Ball Diamond
#2 - Stone Wall
#3 - Road To Gate
#4 - Road To NCO Club
Front Gate
Camp Custer North
Sp4  Robert Johnson
545th  MP Co
Camp Custer North
1st Cav Div
May 1964 - June 1965
Here is another shot of that stone wall at North
Camp Custer.  It was just before Christmas,
1963.  Santa was in the cart and they were on
their way to Paju-ri with candy for the kids.
Comparison Photo