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This guard tower, judging by the amount of sand bags and chain link used, must
have been located at one of our Guard Posts along the DMZ.
Does anybody recognize it and can you tell us where it was located. I would guess
the sign was only there a short time as it would make for a good aiming point.
Tower Of Buddington
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2)  This sure looks like the Guard Post at GP Oullette from 1971/72.  There were
3 operational towers like this during the day and then there were 8 posts
manned at night during darkness.  GP Oullette was the closest GPto Panmunjon.
Many a night patrol went out of this GP into North Korea.
                                                                                                        Dennis A. Burris (Im Jim Scout)
                                                                                                        Co A and CSC 1/31st (M) Inf
                                                                                                        2D Infantry Division (Camp Greaves)
                                                                                                        11/71 to 11/72 and 7/74 to 7/76
1)   I think this tower was at Guard Post Gladys. Gladys was the 3rd GP from the
west (actually from the south due to the curve in the DMZ at that point). Start at
the western most area of the DMZ and count 3 GP’s in the DMZ and that one will
be Gladys.
Charlie company, 3/23rd, 2nd Infantry Division had that GP in 68 & 69 for 4
months, then rotated south of the river for 4 months, then rotated back north for
4 months…back and forth. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
                                                                                            David Benbow
3)   I can't remember which GP the sign was on, but it was to the rear of the GP
and not visible to the north. It was there 67-68 when I was Artillery LnO to the 3rd
Brigade and 1/38 Inf.  Somewhere I have a 35mm slide of the sign.   The slide
carrier may have which GP it was on.
                                                                                                       Gene Moser (Imjim Scout)
                                                                                                       LnO 5/38 Arty, Korea 67-68
4)  Lt Creight Hooker, Co C, 3/23rd Infantry, 2nd Inf Div told me recently that this
Tower of Buddington was at GP Gladys in the DMZ and that it was torn down
after a firefight with some North Koreans in May or June 1968, because the
tower was too dangerous, sticking up in the air like that. The tower’s sandbags
were added to the bunkers and trenches on GP Gladys.
                                                                                                                         David Benbow
It appears to me that the mystery of the Tower Of Buddington has been solved and we
can, without any doubt, identify this tower as having once been at GP Gladys. And, as
noted above, removed as being too dangerous because of its height.
5)   Have to agree with David Benbow, kind of looks like GP Gladys 67-68
I remember Libby helped build it, (Libatore was his last name from New York),  If
any one would know it would be him.  If you look close you can see a BC
Scope on the top platform. Gladys had one of those.  Glad I could help.
                                        Take care guys.           
 George Deli    
6)   The tower was located in the C sector during my tour, Jan 68 to May 69. I
was on Gladys during the fire-fight in 68 and we went down to support the HK
patrol that engaged the NKs going back north after a night of activity in the DMZ.
The fire-fight was in the tree line to the east, the NKs had a gp that was on
higher ground and to the east of Gladys. The incident took place early AM on a
Sunday, I think it was mothers day???? (better check the calendar on that one,
it was a long time ago)
  Later that day some guys on Gladys tried to dig out under the tower a area to
put a 50 cal. to fire back at NK. Also that afternoon, some brass came down from
the JSA to investigate the incident and the NKs fired on us for awhile. I have a
slug that I dug out of the wall of the guard shack that was on the back side of
Tom Mraz
                                                                                                  HHC 2nd BN 23rd Inf
                                                                                                           1968 - 1969
7)   That GP was attacked on March 15,1969. B CO 3rdBN 23rd Inf was on it at that
time. The patrol that went out to the DMZ to replace signs was ambushed and 8
men were lost when the copter crashed.          
  Mike Gillen
                                                                                         B CO 3rd BN 23rd Inf
                                                                                        May 1968 to July 1969
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