These were taken in 1955.

This cemetary looked familar, so I checked some of my pictures from
Korea. I have the same photos. If I remember right, 56 years later, it was
located on the road from MSR-1 to RC#1. I think it was MSR-1A, not sure.
Hope this helps.
Sp4 Stanley Williams
24th Signal Company
1st Cav Div, 55/56
Mystery Photos
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I vaguely remember going to this Cemetery, seen on the Hill when stationed at Munsan
Seems like it was South and maybe a little East of Munsan
anyone know any particulars about this Cemetery, if I remember right it was all Americans buried there
Munsan Cemetary
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Bill  Strouse
15th QM Co
1st Cav. Div
1957 - 1958
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