Mystery Photos
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The mystery here, for me, is just exactly what can be seen
Camp Sitman, RC#3 and possibly a third compound
Can somebody point out the exact areas?
Camp Sitman
+ Mystery has been solved. Camp Sitman does not
show up in this photo, but can be seen at the bottom
Camp Wagner
Camp Newton
Camp Jackson
Lower Compound

Another Mystery
Both Names Are
Associated Here
Water point and another
area used by some units
for temporary housing.  
More like a tent city.
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    Where RC#3 is if you will look to the left you see what look like a road, this is part of the
student barrack area, which extend down the figure to the left.  The road continue up the hill to
our communication area (we call it radio hill) we use this for contact with 2d inf div hq for daily
reports and also with our patrols in DMZ during DMZ week.
    Photo that you see here shows Camp Siteman, at the top is the injim Rive,r  then you will see
the water point  then RC#3  The next compound is Camp Siteman .  If you will notice we were in
two figures and off the beaten path. In order the get to camp siteman you could go though RC#3
at the baseball field (in the left side of the photo where the road is).
This photo was taken sometime in 1969, during that time a unit moved in near the water point
that accounts for so many builds in that area.  What unit it was I don’t remember.
Water Point and a small tent city
Imjin River
Camp Sitman
Submitted By;
SSG Douglas L Pierce
US Army Retired
C Co 8th Eng BN
1st Cav Div 64/65
ACTA Instructor
2nd Inf Div 66/69