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Having trouble remembering something, well, we all have that problem when it comes to our tours
in Korea. So this is the page where you can ask that question. And hopefully, somebody out there
will be able to answer it for you. Just send your question to;
I will post the question here and also any answers I receive.
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13th Engineers
In April 1970 a platoon from A Co 13th Engineers, 7th Infantry Div was sent to B Co 2nd
Engineers 2nd Inf Div. What was the name of the compound there at 2nd Engineers?

And what was the name of the guard post the 13th Engineers were working on from april to
august of 1970,on the dmz?                                                                      
Wayne Spence
Reply to:
ANSWER)   In the 70's, I believe that B Co, 2nd Engineers, 2D ID was located at Camp Edwards
East before moving to Camp Giant.
                        SFC George T. Bock
                                                                                                                     2nd Engr Bn, 2D ID 84-85
                                                                                                          1st Bde,(Bde Engr NCOIC),2D ID 90/92
SSG Terry Arcemont
I noticed on your site you had some soldiers who may have known my father, SSG Terry Arcemont.
He was killed when I was only 7 and I have never spoken to anyone who knew him in korea.
It would be great to speak to someone who did know him. Can you help?   
Kepha Arcemont

SSG Terry Arcemont
HHC 1st BN 9th Inf
June 1967 - Oct 6, 1967

Wounded in action, fell into the Imjin and drown
This first appeared right here as a question titled 'Man Overboard'.
You can read about it in the Archive Section. Click to read story.
Man Overboard  

Photo of newsclipping
- Click to; SEE PHOTO

If you remember Terry Arcemont you can contact his son directly using the email above or contact
me if you have any questions.