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Temporary Housing Located Across From RC#3
    I was a SGT arriving in country August 1968, assigned to Co A, 3/32, 7th Inf Div at Camp
Hovey. I was “selected” to attend the ACTA near Camp Siteman December, 1968.
    During my training at ACTA we were treated to an impromptu show when Bob Hope, Les
Brown and a small contingent of performers flew in on a Huey and did a short show on the
back of a deuce and a half.
    I completed my ACTA training on Christmas Eve. Being the only soldier from the 7th ID at
ACTA I managed to hitch a ride to my unit at Camp Hovey on a deuce and a half. Traveling
from the DMZ after curfew was a little unnerving.  
    I arrived back at Hovey about 2:00 AM Christmas morning. The following week my unit
rotated to the DMZ for a three month tour. We were temporarily assigned to the 2nd Inf Div  
and occupied the area across the road from RC#3. Just prior to our arrival the tents that
housed the units before us were replaced with new prefab fiberglass barracks. We still utilized
the old Quonset huts for our latrine and mess hall.  The hot water for the shower was heated
by a wood fire, requiring everybody to take turns cutting wood for the fire.
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Bob Bishop
3rd BN 32nd Inf
7th Inf Div
1968 - 1969
Camp Wagner
Temporary Housing Area