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EMAC Silver Cup Award
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Submitted by;
Sp4 Steven McGee
HHC, 2nd BN 71st ADA
Camp Red Cloud
1969 - 1970
    I went a lot to the service club just inside the gate at Camp Red Cloud where I was stationed with
the 2/71st ADA motor pool.
    You could sign out stuff like a guitar and amp, reel to reel tape recorders, turn tables ect. They
had a large room used for periodic shows with a stage but was mostly set up with tables and chairs.
     I used to go in on Sunday to read the papers and one day the gal that run the club ask If I would
like to join the enlisted mens advisory council (EMAC) to come up with ideas for programs, so I did.
We meet weekly and at one meeting I said why don't we have a Sunday morning DJ show. We got
the records from stateside even though they were weeks behind them playing in the states.
    So we agreed and I hauled a lot of the equipment they had at the club out and set up two turn
tables and speakers on a table on the stage and started spinning records. We made up DJ signs that
hung on the curtains and promoted it throuout the post and in the club. I went over pretty well.
    This cup came from those efforts. I believe it to be the only one in exsistance. It may be a little
hard to read but it says.
EMAC  DJ of TheYear
Steven McGee
Red Cloud Service Club