Mixed Photos
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This destroyed tank was located at an outpost named
Hedy, Hill 124, located on the western end of Bunker Hill
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Hedy Tank
Submitted by
Sgt  Bob Caulkins
1st Marine Division
1953 - 1954
Camp Liberty Bell
GP Barbara/Turner  >>
Texas, Hill 229
HEDY >>>
    This seems to be a popular photo of a Marine Tank laying on it's side at Outpost Hedy.
The story is that the tank was a flame tank manuvering into position on a very narrow road in
January 1953. As the tank was backing, one track slipped of the road and it gently slid out of
control sideways and slowing rolled over. The three crew members all escaped back to the MLR.
Lots of covering fire did significant damage to the tank giving the impression that it had been in
one hell of a fire fight.

Sgt. Carl plummer
Korea 1953-54
     You got it right Carl,as far as what happened to the tank and crew.  Later after removing the
machine guns and radio(s), the tank was set afire. There were hundreds, if not thousands of
bullet and shell  impacts on the hull and turret due to heavy fire, not only when the crew bailed
out, but also due to the fact that on occasion, it was thought that the Chinese were using the tank
as cover for FO's and/or night patrols. The below photo was taken during the winter of 1953 or

MSgt. Bob Caulkins, USMC (Ret)
DMZ Police Company 1953-54