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Forney Bridge
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    My grandfather took the attached photo of a bridge sometime
during his tour in Korea from ~March 1951 - March 1952. He was a
Corporal in 2nd Platoon, C Company, 62nd Engineer (Construction)
Battalion during that time.
    I am currently serving a tour of duty with 2nd Battalion, 9th
Infantry Regiment in the Republic of Korea and have made it a
personal duty and honor to stand near the spots where most of his
photos were taken during the Korean War.
    I have been unable to identify this bridge or location and would
greatly appreciate your help in the matter.
Thank you.
SGT Michael R. Ward
2-9 IN
   When I first received this photo, the sender asked if I'd post it in the Mystery Photos section to
see if it could be identified. Being that it looked like so many other high-level bridges constructed
during the war, I felt the chances were slim to none in getting it identified.
    However, the sender provided me with enough information that I felt there was a better chance
for an id through a contact of mine. I sent him the information and, as luck would have it, the bridge
was identified.
    Below, how it all happened ....
    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I used the contact information you
providedto locate a soldier in one of the pictures with my grandfather. A shot in the dark
really, after more than 60 years. It took several weeks to get a reply back through snail mail.

    The soldier in question, was in the same squad as my grandfather for 10 months and he
had dozens of photographs from their time in Korea. A treasure trove really!

    The bridge in question is the Forney Bridge completed in August 1951, apparently the
longest bridge constructed in Korea by the US Army at that time. I have attached a picture
of the closeup of the sign at the bridge head.

Thank you so much for your help in this matter!
SGT Michael R. Ward
2-9 IN
I replied to Sgt Ward and provided him with information
that would possible help him to get the bridge identified
The Results!
Just finding somebody in the same company would have
been thrilling. But finding somebody in the same squad  ......
Not one who likes leaving loose ends, I found this;
And This;
One of the longest one-way highway bridges in Korea, the Colonel Frank Forney Bridge
was built by the 62nd Engineer Construction Battalion over a tributary of the Pukhan
River. It was completed in only 26 days, despite weather and logistical difficulties
Lt. Gen. William Hoge, commander,IX Corps
congratulates the 62d Engineer Construction Battalion
upon the completion of the Forney Bridge, August 1951
From what I have been able to determine, the bridge was in
the vicinity of Hongcheon and spanned the  Hongcheon River
Hongcheon is north of Wonju - south of Chunchon
This appears to be a memorial which must be near the original bridge site
No other information about this monument was found by me