Mixed Photos
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This was the first view of F Battery that a newbie saw approaching his new home
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Submitted by;
Lt Ulas "Hoot" White
F Btry 4th BN 44th ADA
38th Arty Bde
F Btry, 4th Bn, 44th ADA
38th Arty Brigade
The admin area (top left) with the road leading to the Integrated Fire Control area on the (right)
The admin area contained:
Orderly room, BOQ, aid station, armory, tinny px, barber shop, post office, NCO and EM club, NCO hooch, mess hall,
motor pool, R&U, theater, troop barracks for IFC platoon, launcher platoon, security platoon, and signal como section
The launcher area contained:
Our security dog handlers barracks with K9 German shepherds and kennels
Admin Area
Launcher Area