Mixed Photos
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Don Sewell Camp Warner
Camp Warner Sign
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Camp Warner's Main Gate Faced West, This Is The View Looking North
Submitted By;
Sp4 Don Sewell
C BTRY 2/71st Arty
38th Arty Brigade
8th Army, 68/69
Beautiful Downtown Pobwon-ni
Webmaster Note; View photos from left to right before moving down
Sign Near The Camp Warner Main Gate
Webmasters note;
If you traveled north from Camp Warner a few miles you came
to camps Sill and Hiday and the entrance to Artillery Valley
Traveling south took you past Camp Irwin and into Pobwon-ni
This Is The View Looking East at what was behind our compound
Sign for a saw mill, one of the better drainage ditches anywhere and a dirt road turned to mud
As you headed south from Pobwon-ni toward Yongjugol, you passed Camp Snow on your left
Honest John Rocket
I just don't remember seeing a gas station, but that sure looks like gas pumps to me
As you continued toward Yongjugol there was a compound on the right
Webmasters Note;
That compound would have been Camp Knox
And I believe that was it's motor pool