Division Tour
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Set 2 - 4 Photos
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    I don't remember everywhere the tour may have taken
us, but this sure looks like Sand Island and the Imjin as
seen from the area between Camp McKensie and the river.
Sand Island
River DMZ
Don't know for sure, but I believe this was the DMZ at the Imjin River
                          V                                                                 V
A view at a N. Korea OP thru one of those scopes I no longer remember the name of
Probably taken at or near the same location as the above photo
Location unknown. The only reason I'm including it in the Division Tour
section is that the negative number indicated it was taken at that time
I probably took this because of the tank that shows up in the middle
A note of interest;
These photos were not originally developed in Korea
It wasn't until I started scanning photos that I noticed they only appeared in negatives
I guess they were not good enough to be developed back then.
My transparency adaptor for my scanner was able to pull these out