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DMZ X-Mas Tree
    In December 1963, our Communications Platoon in HHC 1st BN, 8th Cav, erected a
lighted Xmas tree on top of Hill 191 between Camp Young (BN HQ's) and the Imjin.

Darryl Henley
HHC 1st BN 8th Cav
1st Cav Div, 1963 - 1964
Replies to the question;
    The tree, if you want to call it that, was located on Hill 191.  It was about a 40’ pole with
the lights shaped like a tree.  It had a big star on top that shined towards N. Korea .  The N.
Koreans came over the speakers and said they were going to attack it.
    Myself and about six other guys spent Christmas Eve guarding it.  There was a tent that
had a stove in it that kept us warm while we guarded the tree and the generator.  We didn’t
get much sleep that night.  N. Koreans never did attack and it lasted all Christmas season.

Guy Collins
HHC 1st BN 38th Inf
2nd Inf Div 1966 - 1968
Guard duty at the tree on top of Hill 191
A string of lights on the hill
Looking west toward RC#3
RC #3
Hill 191 can be found just under the arrow
in front of the name Camp Sitman
Hill 191