One of the biggest mystery's I have run across since I started digging into our tours in Korea
some 9 years ago. When I first heard about this infantry company, a part of the 4th Missile
Command, it was being referred to as the 19th Infantry Company. Countless searches turned up
nothing about a 19th Inf Co being in Korea.
    A year book for the 4th MSL CMD had a picture which read; 19th Infantry Company "E". What was
this telling me? 19th Inf Co (which does not show up in searches) "E" version, lol! Or was it the 19th
Inf, Company E? Which would mean C Co went home. Total confusion!!

    Then information came in calling it C Company, 19th Inf. This of course meant the 19th Infantry
Regiment, and another mystery. The 19th Inf was part of the 24th Div when it was in Korea and
bounced back and forth between the 24th and the 25th Inf Divs after the 24th left Korea. But since C
Company, 19th Inf, was in Korea from 1959 onwards, it made no sense.
    Finally, these pictures arrived which definitely identified the unit as being C Company, 19th Inf
Regt. So know we knew who they were, to a certain degree. But, still the mystery about 'WHY' was
an element of the 19th Regt in Korea, alone? When the remainder of the unit was in Hawaii. Or
maybe even Germany, depending who they were bouncing with at the time.

    So now the only thing I don't really understand is why they were in Korea. A single infantry
company assigned to a command under 8th Army while the rest of the regiment was elsewhere,
assigned to a different army group.
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C Company 19th Infantry
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Submitted by;
Sgt Bill Morris
C Co, 19th Inf
May 1961 - Aug 1962
Camp Page
    I remember it was part of the 25th Div (which was based in Hawaii) because
of some stuff the CO had in his office.  Being the HF radio person and thus
knowing how to type I ended up as the company clerk and mail clerk along with
other various duties.  I arrived there in early May 1961 and was honored with an
extension due to the Berlin Crisis.  
Bill Morris