Korea Map 18
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 The location of Camp Sitman is often shown as being at
location #123. However, we know from an answer to what
was a Mystery Photo that Sitman sat behind RC#3 at the
location marked below.
 What #123 was used as, I have no idea. But from the same
Mystery Photo page picture, it appears to have been empty.
#73 unnamed but often
associated with Reddick

Camp Matta  v
Camp Young
132 & 118  V
<<< Camp Reddick
Camp Wentzel
v<<< Camp Ashworth
^ Camp Semper Fidelis
^< Camp Wilbur
<<<<<<<<<< Camp Wagner #64
<<<<<<<<<< #123 'SEE ABOVE'
#97 RC3
<<<<<<<<<< Camp Sitman
Water Point #3
Fire Station #3
Unnamed area
used as a
'Tent City' >
Pontoon Bridge site
Ferry Site
Water System #3
Camp Jackson
Upper compound
not shown Also
called Newton
on a couple maps
# 48 Camp Jackson - X