DMZ Police Compound
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Hill 229
   A stipulation set by the Korean armistice agreement in July 1953, was that both the
Communist and United Nations Command police their respective sections of the DMZ
with "civil police," not to exceed 1,000 in the zone at any one time across the entire
155-mile front. Since no civilian police were available to either side, requirements
were modified so that a specially designated military unit, in lieu of civil police, could
be employed and the original quota enlarged if this became feasible.

   The first unit to patrol the Western Corridor DMZ sector was the 1st Provisional
Demilitarized Zone Police Company, 1st Marine Division who quartered themselves at
Camp Semper Fidelis.

   In March of 1955 the 24th Inf Div replaced the 1st Marine Div in the Western Corridor
and the '24th DMZ Police Company(PROV)' set up their camp in the vicinity of
Changdan, at the base of Hill 229 (GP Texas, Barbara, Turner).

   In Oct of 1957 the 24th Inf Div was reflagged as the 1st Cav Div and the '24th DMZ
Police Company(PROV)' became the '1st Cav DMZ Police Company(PROV)'.

   In 1959 the DMZ Police Company was inactivated and their security mission, along
with assigned personnel, was transferred to the 1st Recon SQDN 9th Cav who took
over the responsibility of patrolling the zone.

It is not known if this area was ever used again.
Hill 229
< Changdan Area
This was the sign I helped erect at the entrance to our compound at the base of Texas
Submitted by; Pfc John Yunckes, DMZ Police Company, 1st Cav Div
Advance Camp
Sand Island