In August of 1963, A Company 2nd BN 40th Armor was relieved from the 7th
Infantry Division. All men and equipment were then transferred  west and activated
as A Co 2nd BN 15th Armor, 1st Cav Division.

  We moved into a compound that was north of the Imjin River.  After getting set
up and settled in, we named the compound Camp Jackson, in honor of our
Commanding Officer, Captain Lacy M Jackson.
Vic Pitts
A Company
2nd BN 40th Armor
7th Inf Div, 1963
A Company
2nd BN 15th Armor
1st Cav Division
1963 - 1964
Camp Jackson
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Camp Jackson
The Camp Jackson you are viewing was compound I 3
However, the text portion you see pertains to the other Camp Jackson, south of Uijongbu
And then it reverts back to this Camp Jackson
I have not verified that it was used by artillery units
Another of the many mistakes I found in the document this information was taken from
Camp Young
Camp Wagner
Camp Jackson
< Camp Jackson
v  Pobwon-ni
Camp Jackson I 3 >
This Camp Jackson south of Uijongbu
Cannot confirm at either location