Camp Brown
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A close-up view of the Camp Brown Gate - 2010
Camp Brown Main Gate, 1968
Main Road
Gate >
To Yongjugol >
Note; C7 is correct for this location and camp name, Camp Brown.
   However, whether or not this compound was named after the above Pvt Brown is unknown.
A Post Engineer map dated July 1965
(2 weeks after the 1st Cav Div was reflagged as the 2nd Inf Div)
shows units of the 109th Engineer BN (ROKA) at this location. That then would make the
second paragraph above, untrue and not possible. And as you will see in the next page, the
109th was still here in 67/68.
   Then to make matters even worse, a second Camp Brown shows up in a 1968 installations
map just outside of Pobwon-ni. It is also identified as #76 on the Korea Map page which lists the
1st Marine Divisions inventory areas. These inventories were passed down through the 24th Inf
Div, the 1st Cav Division and finally to the 2nd Inf Division.
   So that now, it becomes possible that both areas existed and the above information has
been mistakenly combined as one camp, when in fact there may have been 2 camps.
A view from the main road
looking toward the gate - 2010
v Yongjugol
Camp Brown