Korea Camps
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Camp pages will open with a satellite or map view and/or a photo/photos (if available) dated 2010,
or newer. Following pages will contain photos I already have and others that are sent in to me.

What I am most interested in are gate photos, signs, units occupying and views taken from an
elevated location giving a good overall view.

If your camp is not listed, I may not have been able to find it. Point it out
to me and I'll look for the best image available.

If I have incorrectly i'd a camp or it's location please let me know so it can be corrected. Some
locations are a 'best guess' due to little or nothing remaining of the original compound
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And Other Areas
The best examples - Western Corridor, Camp Sill (Artillery Valley), Camp Beard (Yongjugol)
DMZ Camps
Advance Camp
Camp Kitty Hawk - Camp Bonifas

Camp Ashworth

Camp Blue Sky

Camp Clinch

Camp Cochise

Camp Dodge

Camp Greaves

Camp Guyol

Camp Jackson
Camp Woods

Camp Young

Fort Chandler

Neutral Nations Compound (JSA)

Recreation Center #3

Warrior Base

I12 - I13

No Name #1

No Name #2

DMZ Police Compound
DMZ Areas
Blue - Active Link
Yellow - Not Yet Linked
GP Arlene
GP Duke

GP Gladys
GP Knight

OP Mazie (211)
OP Burris

OP Cherry Herring - Dort
OP Pomeroy

OP Holmdahl

OP Boston

OP Martini

GP Dessar t
GP Hammond

GP Hendrix
GP Sudut

GP Johnson
GP Brown

GP Seiler
GP Jordan

GP Turner
Camp Liberty Bell

Camp Matta

Camp Meyers

Camp Reddick

Camp Semper Fidelis

Camp Sitman (ACTA)

Camp Wagner

Camp Walley

Camp Wentzel

Camp Wilber
GP Lucy
GP Ouellete

GP O'Malley

GP Anne - Martin
GP Barker

GP Katie
GP Collier

GP Texas (Hill 229)
Lola - Barbara
GP Turner

GP Jane
GP Craig
Dragonhead Camps and Areas
Camp Browning

Camp Jeb Stuart

Camp Ringgold

Camp Wilson

Camp Lawton

Camp MacKenzie
Munsan, Paju-ri Camps and Areas
Camp Custer North (Charlie Block)

Camp Custer Middle (Charlie Block)

Camp Custer South (Charlie Block)

Camp Hartell (Charlie Block)

Camp Paine (Charlie Block)
Camp Giant

Camp Jessup

Camp Dover

Camp Coleridge
Camp Brown (Paju-ri)

Charlie Block

(Former 'Freedom Village')

D-6 (Post Engineer Supply Yard)
Sonyu-ri Area Camps
AFKN (Sonyu-ri)

Camp Rose
Camp Hunt

Camp Summerall
Camp Pelham
(Camp Garry Owen)

Recreation Center #4
Yongjugol Area Camps
Pobwon-ni Area Camps
Camp Adams

Camp Rice
(Camp Garry Owen)
Camp McMahon Barracks

Recreation Center #1
Camp Brown

Camp McNair
Camp Hamilton

Camp Knox

Camp Snow
Camp Irwin
TAC2 Site36

Camp Warner
TAC2 Site36
Artillery Valley Area Camps
Camp Jennings

Camp Kensington

Camp McIntyre
Camp Sabre

Camp Sill

Rock Mountain
Nopa-Dong, Pugam-ni Area Camps
Camp Coursen

Camp Harris
Camp Johnson

Camp McGovern

Recreation Center #2
Camp Parris

Lester McMahon Barracks
Nullo-ri Area Camps
Western Corridor
Central Region
Western Corridor Rear Area Camps
Camp Howze

Camp Rodstrom

Camp Ross
Camp Edwards East

Camp Edwards West
Camp Peterson

Camp Stanton
Northern Area Camps
Camp Alamo

Camp Beaver
Camp Page

Camp Kaiser
Tongduchon Area Camps
Camp Hovey

Camp Kwangsa-ri

Camp Mobile
Camp Casey

Camp Castle
Camp Nimble

Camp Alex Williams
Uijongbu Area Camps
Camp Kyle

Camp LaGuardia

Camp Mermaid

Camp Mosier

Camp Necessary
Camp Bayonet

Camp Cox

Camp Essayons

Camp Falling Water

Camp Jackson
Camp Pililaau

Camp Red Cloud

Camp Sears

Camp Stanley

Camp Woo
Seoul Area Camps
Camp Gray(Annex)

Camp Henry

Camp Jonathan Williams


Camp Nabors

Camp Niblo Barracks
Camp Baker

Camp Colbern

Camp Coiner

Camp Eiler

Camp Gray
Camp Mercer

Camp Richmond

Camp Roberts

Camp Tracy

Yongson Garrison
ASCOM, Inchon Area Camps
- Camp Adams
- Camp Grant
- Camp Harrison
- Camp Hayes
- Camp Market
- Camp Taylor
Southern Area Camps
Camp Henry

Camp Hialeah

Camp Humphreys

Camp Huston
Camp Ames

Camp Carroll

Camp George
Camp Howard

Camp Spade

Camp Walker
Camp St Barbara
Send Corrections and/or Information to;

Camp Bray
Camp Seattle
Information provided in 'type written' form has been found to contain many errors
I will point out the errors I discover
If you see any errors in this information please point it out so I can make the necessary corrections
Western Corridor Rear Areas Of Interest
Other Areas