I am trying to find anyone who worked at AFKN Kuma Ri between the
years of 1959-1961.  I was stationed there during that time and was
one of the announcer's on duty the night it was attacked and destroyed

I was then transferred to AFKN Pusan before returning to the states

William L. (Ike) Izor
Request For Info
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Need to know something you can't find anywhere ease on the site?
This is the place to ask for it.
Email to;
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Special Requests
I am interested in learning more about the Korean musicians and performers who provided
entertainment for US servicemen back in the
1950s-1970s. Many of Korea's most important and
first rock stars of that era first performed for 8th Army.

As I am working on a book about Korean music from that period, I would love to get in contact
with anyone who has memories or pictures of the performers from that time. I am most
interested in Shin Joong-hyun (aka Jackie Shin), the Key Brothers and He6 ... but would love to
learn about any performer from back them.

- Mark Russell
Does anyone have pictures at/of any weapons training ranges at the DMZ during 1969-1970?
This is where the weapons firing (81mm mortar, 90 recoiless, LAW, 50 cal and m-60) was
done and tactics training as part of our combat preparedness training took place.
Bruce Storace
354th/6175th Security Police
I was stationed at Radio Gypsy camp Kaiser 63-64 as an announcer. Unfortunately, all
pictures were lost in a fire. Do you have any more Gypsy photos  you can share with
me and do you have any way of locating our staff of 7 who operated the station
during this time?  We had five army and two air force staff at that time.
Michael Walerstein
I need information on locating the family of Fred Carroll. He was a close friend and died in a
raft accident on Imjin river. We searched for weeks by air land and sea. This young mans
body was never found . Fred worked in the S3 shop and lived in a hut above brigade hq.,with
me and five others. As i remember there where only four on the raft two katusa to us.
Sgt David W. Osborne -  w2dog@cox.net
1/32 A co. also third brigade
Feb 1978 to Feb 1979
Lost all of my photo's in a house fire,need information on vhf relay sites
Erik Patterson
C Co, 51st Signal BN
Does anyone know where I can get a yearbook for B 1/2 ADA for the
years 1976 - 1977?
Allan Harrelson
1st BN 2nd ADA
If you can help any of the guys, mail to;
This is the range we used for the Davy Crockett missile firing, and it was
also used for mortars and heavy weapons.
They were taken in 1965 and are of the range somewhere south of the dmz.
We traveled across Libby Bridge on our way to it.

Sp4 Gilbert ( Wayne) Spears
HHC, 1st Brigade
1st Cav Div/2nd Inf Div
1964 - 1965
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DMZ Range
Hi there,
My dad,
Jerry Lewellen, was in Korea from October 1968 to November 1969. He was in
the E Co 4 /44th and at Echo Hill? (I am assuming you all know what that means)

He is currently trying to find people he was stationed with there. I don't know all the
details as he doesn't talk about it much, but I do know there was some kind of
accident /
incident where he killed a guy (Korean I believe)
and he has suffered from untreated
PTSD because of it.

He is now trying to get some help for it and needs verification from people that were
there with him. If you have any information or remember him, please contact me at;

jinamariew@hotmail.com     please. Thank you!
I am looking for the 2nd Lt. that served with the Ghost Walkers unit that I belonged to in
1963.  We called him pockets due to the fact that he was so tall and skinny that he could
barely keep his pants on.

E5 Joe Dunagan  (AKA Skinny)
Korea 1962 - 1964
Hq. Hq. Korea (AKA Ghost Walkers)
While TDY at BLV I was contaminated with an unknown substance or bacteria and was
evacuated to the MASH Hospital near Camp Peterson in a coma. They were preparing
me to medevac me home when I came out of the coma and it was decided to keep me
in Korea to complete my tour. At the time they said I had a severe allergic reaction to
something, possibly a chemical exposer.
I was also told that, while I was in the coma,  because of this incident, everybody
within a 20 mile radius had been reinoculated.

If you have or know of anyone with info on this,please contact me;


Also, My TDY duty at BLV was on a radio site,my radio site call sign was 50 (that is [
five zero ]). This was the main communications hub for all the units in the 2nd and 7th
inf divs.

Do you have any info on this?   If so would you contact me on this me?

Pfc David Polzin
B Co 122nd Sig BN
Camps Peterson and BLV
I'm looking for the year books for C 2/71 ADA for the years of 1978-1979.  I was
stationed at Camp Irwin  from May 1978 to May of 1979.  If anyone knows where to
get the books please let me know.

Pvt2 Leslie Richter
1978 - 1979
Camp Irwin
I'm trying to get information on Camp Sill and a small village near there.  During
my 3 60 day tdys, I worked on a hill called A5.  We had radio relay and ground
radio equipment.  Pardon the spelling but the village was koom gong nee.  There
was an artillery unit there and later a tank unit of us Army.

SSGT Tom Voelz
605th TAC Air Force
3 tdys 1970
Does anyone remember either of the following incidents that happened.

1.       In February 1967 I was assigned to D Btry 7th BN(HAWK) 2nd Arty  missile maint. and
was doing guard duty when men attempted to break into the missile site maintenance testing
building and I fired upon them.
2.       November 1966 I assisted the company medic trying to save the life of a civilian cab
driver who died of injuries received in a stabbing.
George Nodland (Sgt)
Battery D 7th BN, 2nd Arty
Oct 66-Oct 67

Please e-mail my CVSO
Leslie Ross
 I no longer remember his name but we toured the DMZ and I drove this EM back to Camp
Casey in June 1969. He had been at Yongsan for unknown reasons, maybe medical or other
reason. I need proof I traveled to these areas a dozen or more times and VARO insists I have
proof, none available at Motor Pool or company records.

 I have had neurological conditions since leaving Korea, peripheral neuropathy, suspected
MS, stenotic spinal cord (might be the only condition caused by herbicide chemicals), lost of
myelin in brain surface due to inflammatory spinal fluid and VA MD diagnosed primary
progressive multiple sclerosis Dec 2010, well past the statutory period if 7 years.

Sp5 Bill McGraw
KMAG Signal Det
Apr 1969 - Feb 1970 ETS

 Would like to locate anyone who was in 1st hel amb co 54th med det
attached to 44th Mash 1956 to 1958
Dick Savoie
DMZ vet/author seeks your stories
“If You know about any North Korean intel/sabotage operations, including but not limited to US
special weapons/missiles/high tech and abduction of GIs, I'd like to hear your stories."
Confidential if requested.
Email: marksauter@msn.com
 My brother Gordon Wood (often known as Gordie or Woody) was assigned to Radio Mercury
in Kunsan Korean in the 1950's. I was in elementary school at the time and don't know the
exact dates. Gordon died in 1985.
 Recently his widow moved in to a nursing home. Their daughter has been trying to get VA
benefits for her mother. She doesn't have Gordon's induction or separation papers and the Air
Force says that the official copies were destroyed in a fire. She was told that she needed to
supply information on his assignments, pictures of him in uniform, and any additional
information that we could get to try to recreate his record from other sources.

If anyone on this site knew or knew of Gordon, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Thank you,
Randy Wood
  I am looking for information regarding the use of AO in areas of South Korea other than the
DMZ.  I am convinced it was used around K-6 and around at least the launcher areas of the
batteries of 4/44 (NIKE) 38th Bde (ADA) and I would think the same would apply to all ADA
  I clearly remember a Korean employee walking the perimeter with a hand sprayer of some
sort of defoliant  I am trying to learn the contents of those sprayers.  Any ideas anyone.

Sgt Mark E Brown
HHB 4th BN 44th ADA
1968 - 1970
  I am trying to locate CWO 2 STALLARD who I guess was the acting CO for HHB 1/17 at
Camp McIntyre, Korea in 5 Jun 1983, or anyone else that might remember me during that
time. I was with the Btry down the road, then assigned to the MSA and somehow ended up
in A Btry.  Have no idea what happened or why.

Edward Lisowski
  My name is James McKeithen, between Apr 1968 and Apr 1969 I worked with several units
including the 1st BN 23rd Inf, 2nd BN 38th Inf and a Recon unit. I worked as a Medic on DMZ
patrols, around the GP's and with Med EVAC in the Recon unit.
  Of all the units I was in and all the people I worked around, the only name I can remember is
that of another medic named Don Ledford.
  If anybody remembers me or Don, please contact me. That period of my life is pretty much
a blank and I'd like to fill in some of those empty spaces.
Thank You

'Doc' McKeithen
2nd Medical BN
Looking For Photos;
Camp Howze .... 1968 - 1969
- Motor Pool gate area
- Quonset hut to the right, facing, of the Motor Pool gate
- Shower area inside the Motor Pool Gate
- Hazardous material storage area
Thank You

Christopher P. McCormick