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What's In The News?
If you want to know what's going on today, you pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV or check it
out on the Internet. But what about when you were in Korea? How did you get your news then?
TV eventually came to Korea, but I don't remember it. Radio? You wanted to hear music, not
news. Word of mouth? Chances are the only stories you heard were of DMZ incidents, slickyboy
stories or escapades from the ville.
Naaaaaa, you didn't rely on none of these.  You probably did what thousands of others like you
did. You picked up a copy of the Stars And Stripes or an edition of your divisions newspaper.
Thats where you got your news from and that 's where we are now.
We're here to see what was in the news back then. To read stories we may have read long ago,
but can no longer remember. Or to read about things we may have never knew of to begin with.
We are here to once again, take a trip down memory lane.
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