Imjin Bridges
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   If you were stationed anywhere near the Imjin River or had any need to cross it, then you know
the importance of bridges in making your passage. Although not a deep river, its many steep
cliffs, and either a muddy or rocky bottom made fording the river a near impossibility.
Freedom Bridge, a railroad bridge in the western corridor, served as the only permanent
structure crossing the river. Although both north and south spans were war damaged, the
southern span sustained less damage and was repaired.
   But the needs of the troops along the front lines, north of the Imjin, could not be served with
but one single bridge. So it became the task of 8th Army and I Corps Engineer units to build and
maintain more bridges for the movement of troops and supplies.
   Below you will see those bridges. Some you were familiar with, others you weren't. But their
importance should never be overlooked or taken for granted.
Mallard Bridge Site;
Whistler Bridge Site
Whitefront Bridge Site
Corporal Wright Site
Pintail/Parker Site
Teal Bridge
X-ray Bridge/Libby
Spoonbill Bridge
Honker Bridge
Freedom Bridge
Widgeon Bridge Site;
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Corporal Wright
X-ray / Libby
If you'd like to gain a better understanding of the struggles the various Engineer units
had in maintaining the numerous bridges they constructed across the Imjin River. Then
you should read from the book, 'Bridging The Imjin, which you will find below.
Teal Bridge
Libby Bridge
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