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   All construction work on the bridge was completed by 27 January, and it was
pressed into service prior to the official opening, because the division
occupying that sector of the front was being relieved and the bridge was needed.
   The official opening and dedication of Teal bridge took place on 31 January
1953, when Major General M. M. A-R-West, Commander of the Commonwealth
Division, cut the engineer tape at the south end of the bridge.
When the 2d Engineer Construction Group received the directive to go ahead with
construction of Teal bridge, the job was assigned to the 84th Engineer Construction
Battalion, a unit which has come to be known as “The Conquerors of the Imjin.”
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The Teal bridge provided eight years of useful service before it
was removed in late 1961. It was replaced the following spring by a
new low-level bridge made of reinforced concrete.