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Here you will meet others who served in Korea. Some served before you, some after
you and others, hopefully, served with you. We served in all parts of the country, in all
different type of units and during different time periods. We served in a place that
today, would hardly be recognizable to most of us. The old gave way to the new, the
past to the future, progress erased what we saw, and time has dimmed our memories.
But pictures tell the story forever. Many of the things we saw will never be seen again,
except, in our pictures.
Our pictures and our memories tell a story, a story of ..............
A Tour Of Duty
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Fellow Veterans,
Our brothers and fathers,
can be recognized, by their families, loved ones and surviving veterans.  A
simple statement that American soldiers were killed in action by North Korean Special Forces at the
demilitarized zone where we served at the close of the armistice (with experience or elaboration) will
suffice for interested parties.
Further clarification with references may be offered on available business cards.  These cards are
provided to you simply by submitting a self-addressed stamped envelope.  
At this point your 44-cent SASE will deliver 9-10 cards of your choice. You may request either card or a
mixture of the two.
Order from Julio Martinez .......
The below card offer is being made to you at no cost by some fellow veterans
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Attention All Officers Who Graduated OCS At Fort Knox
Including Those Who Completed Phase I Of Branch Immaterial OCS Training
Rosters For All 52 Classes Have Been Compiled
And Are Being Made Available To You At No Cost
If You Are Interested In Obtaining Your Class Roster
Follow This Link For Contact Details And OCS Class Statistics
OCS Class Statistics
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Date Served -
Armor OCS, Ft Knox, on Facebook
Searching for Armor OCS graduates, company officer cadre, OC Bde staff members, and those  who
completed Phase I of OCS branch immaterial training at Fort Knox, KY between 13 Sep 65 to 23 Feb 68
Contact -
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