This picture is a major historical place that few remembered even then, and probably
no one remembers now. If you will look at the picture closely, you will see a "blue"
post sticking up out of the tall grass. There are actually two blue post, but one has
fallen over into the steam.
This place is, and rightly should be, Holy Ground, it is known by those who were there
at the time as "Blue Gate". After the truce signing, the allies and the communist forces
conducted ceremonial prisoner exchanges at the "Bridge of No Return" at JSA
(Panmunjom) but the actual repatriation of the thousands of prisoners and known
remains from both sides took place a little southwest of there at a little known railroad
bridge over an even less known creek.
I no longer remember how it got the name "Blue Gate", too many years have past.  
Few people even back in 1964 had laid eyes upon this place after the ten or eleven
years that had past since it was such a busy place. The road that had lead up to it had
long ago been lost to the emerging foliage by 1964. No longer do honor guards or
other details come to this place to keep it in good shape. If you will look closely, you
will see that it is twenty feet or so on the North side of the MDL.
Originally Submitted By;
                                                                                                            George M. Shriver, 1944 - 2004
                                                                                                            "B" Troop, 1st  Recon SQDN 9th Cavalry
                                                                                                            1st Cavalry Div 1963 & 1964
Blue Gate
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