Armistice Hall
In This Building, 27 July 1953, General Mark W Clark Signed
The Armistice Agreement Ending The Korean Hostilities
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We now know that the United Nations Command advanced compound was later named Camp
Pelham, where this photo was taken in 1968. The camp theater was set up and used for the purpose
of signing the Armistice Agreement.
(See photos here ... Clark Signs)
The historical importance of the building was remembered over the years by the posting of signs on
the building, which can be seen in the photos below.
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Photo date 1968
Units at Camp Pelham
1st BN 15th Arty and the 6th BN 37th Arty
Photo Date 1965
Units at Pelham
2nd BN 19th Arty and 5th BN 82nd Arty
    It is unknown by me when the building was torn down, sometime
after 1970, but the memory of it was carried on over the years by
various signs erected on or near the spot where the building stood
Again, I do not know the year, but a swimming pool was installed on or
near the spot that Armistice Hall stood and was named Armistice Pool
Photo date 1973
Units at Camp Pelham
2nd BN 17th Arty and the  ?? Unk ??
By the look of the unit crest, it
appears that elements of the 9th Inf
Regt were located at Camp Pelham
This is something I am not aware of

Can anybody varify this?
Photo date 1983 - 1985
Units at Camp Pelham
(1 Crest)
2nd BN 17th Arty