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What makes a photo 'Historical'? Well, I guess that depends on the individual viewer. I am not going
to judge pictures according to some defined term, but rather, what I think were historical for the place
we were in.
If you see something you think might fit this page then let me know and we'll give it consideration.
Most of these were taken by somebody who served in Korea and just happened to point his lens in
the right direction at the right time.
Negotiations Here
Gen Clark Signs
Armistice Hall
General Clark On C.B.
Commanding Generals
1st Mar to 24th
24th to 1st Cav - 15 Oct 1957
1st Cav to 2nd
This is the full size photo - I lost the original larger image
Operation Glory
Atomic Cannon
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If you have a photo, or have seen one either here, or in my Webshots albums,
and you think it should be considered as 'Historical', then send it in or point it out.
All photos will be considered.
Mail To;
Along with a brief reasoning why you think it should be added
Liberty Bell Attack
Barracks Blown Up
7th Div Truck Attack
Blue Gate
DMZ Train
Mayors House
Wooden DMZ Fence

Ambush DMZ Truck 68
Pueblo Crew Release
Half Mast